Disney World’s Avatar Land

Disney World’s Avatar Land


Not to be outdone in the great theme park renovation war, Disney World has finally kicked off the largest expansion ever in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Walt Disney Imagineering in partnership with “AVATAR” creator James Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment are designing the parks new AVATAR-inspired land, entitled Disney World’s Avatar Land.

Disney World released the following images and video of Disney executives and Imagineers with blue, bigger-than-life shovels. Na’vi, the character from “Avatar” the movie is towering over the rest of the group, including Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

The picture was taken within Disney’s Animal Kingdom area known as Camp
Minnie-Mickey, where attractions have recently been closed. “The Festival of the Lion
King” show is also getting a new auditorium in the park’s Africa section later this year.

This spectacular new world will be unlike anything ever experienced at a Disney Park.
“Pandora” was the beautiful realm that held so many of us in awe when the movie was
released. Now guests will experience the wonders of “Pandora when they “fly with the
banshees” and discover a lush natural environment. Mountains that float, swirling animal
images and interactive plants that glow at night are combined to showcase Discovery
River. The park will introduce more nighttime entertainment as well, including live
performers on Discovery Island and a new nighttime version of the Kilimanjaro Safaris.
“With AVATAR, we are adding spectacular new world and an exciting set of attractions
unlike any our guests have experienced. The expansion now under way will make the park
a true full-day, must-see experience,” said Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks
and Resorts.

“Pandora” is being designed as a full day and nighttime expanse of Animal Kingdom and
is co-designed and imagined by James Cameron himself. The goal is to have the new
area open in 2017, which would be between the planned release dates of Avatar 2 and
Avatar 3 in December 2016 and 2017.
Here are some of the new attractions coming two rides for the new land:
● An amazing water ride which could be compared to the indoor ride “Pirates of
Caribbean” or the outside Jungle Cruise experience.
● And a airborne simulator ride which will let guest “discover what it feels like to
soar into the sky riding a Banshee.”
● A night-time journey through a brilliantly lit jungle.
● If you remember the “Mother Tree” in the movie, then you will love the
transformation outside Avatar Land, where the Tree of Life will be transformed
using electronics and light projections during a new nighttime magnificent experience.

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